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OWN’s “ The Never Ever Mets”, New Series Premieres Friday, April 19 at 8/7c

“The Never Ever Mets” is an all-new relationship series that takes online dating into the real world. Hosted by Ta’Rhonda Jonestheseries features seven couples who have been virtually dating for some time and believe they may have found lasting love – only they have never met each other in person! Now, they’remeeting face-to-face for the very first time and sharing a house together for three weeks to see if their internet love can survive off the screen and in real life. Dating in person quickly proves to be the biggest challenge yet, and some quickly find the in-person relationship is not what they anticipated. To test the strength of their love connections, the group participates in a series of fun and flirty relationship activities, couples therapy and for some, a trip to the “boom boom room.” But visits from discerning loved ones, meddling opinions and tension from others in the house challenge their bonds even further. At the end of their stay, some will go home together…and some will be signing off for good. 

The Nikki Rich Show Interview with “ The Never Ever Mets” Host Ta’Rhonda Jones


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