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Three College Students Will Break Records Launching the Youngest Black Owned Clothing Company To Ste

NASHVILLE, TN (Nov. 1, 2016) – Coast to Coast Sailing Co., based in the southern city of Nashville, is one of the hottest emerging urban apparel brands for millennials on the go. The new clothing company sets itself apart with designs inspired by cultures across the globe, creatively integrated into its fresh new collection of tees, sweatshirts, custom jerseys, leggings and an assortment of culturally diverse hats. Every product is unique and never restocked upon being sold -- simulating how culture and fashion are ever changing in today’s digitally driven age.

The brand’s exclusive pieces include The Wave Tee, an elongated t-shirt made from polyester, that features different variations of waves wrapped around the shirt; and the Flag Bucket Hat that creatively features flags from Japan, South Africa and Brazil, strategically stitched together to represent unity and world peace.

Justin Miller, Evan Mann and William BeAird collectively agreed to mold their love of the West Coast and East Coast culture together to launch a new brand based on their own life experiences. “Where we’re from, people don’t get out much and we were fortunate enough to be able to grow up in families who traveled across the states and internationally. Using our experiences and our brand’s unique fashion, we want to encourage people to get out of their comfort zones, go new places, meet new people and take in new experiences,” says Justin Miller, one of Coast to Coast’s Founders.

Coast to Coast is a unique brand because each one of the owners come from totally different backgrounds. Coast to Coast makes being a nerd cool, it makes being a jock cool, it makes being YOU cool. Which makes it possible for everyone to relate to our brand that encourages us all to Explore, Create and Inspire.

View the Collection online at ctcsailingco.comand Connect with Coast to Coast Sailing Co. on Instagram: @ctcsailingco

For more information, please contact Echoing Soundz:


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