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Sharika Mahdi Solo Exhibition at EK Gallery “A Colorful Journey Through Whimsical Brushstrokes”

(Los Angeles, CA) – February 28, 2024 - EK Gallery is thrilled to announce the upcoming solo exhibition of esteemed artist Sharika Mahdi, titled "A Colorful Journey Through Whimsical Brushstrokes." The exhibition will display Mahdi's vibrant and enchanting artwork, offering attendees a captivating glimpse into her artistic world.


The opening reception on Friday, March 8, 2024, will unveil Mahdi's remarkable collection and feature an enlightening session titled "The Art of Collecting." The exclusive reception, Art Talk, and Unveiling will be at EK Gallery, 1125 S. Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90019, from 6:00 – 8:00 pmComplimentary Valet parking is available.


Renowned for her exceptional talent, Mahdi has been commissioned by prestigious organizations such as the Walt Disney Company for Tiana’s Palace ride opening in the fall and the NFL to create masterful footballs for the Super Bowl. Her work embodies a unique blend of creativity, imagination, and technical skill, earning her widespread acclaim in the art world.


The exhibition is led by Beryl Basham, a distinguished Personal Art Consultant and Dealer; this educational journey will provide invaluable insights into collecting investment-level fine art. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge on how and what to buy, and recommendations on building a comprehensive art portfolio.


Furthermore, attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to engage with Sharika Mahdi during an Artist Talk, where she will share her perspectives, artistic development, and the inspirations behind her colorful creations. As a token of appreciation for their enthusiasm, art enthusiasts who RSVP will receive a special artwork gift to kickstart or enhance their own collecting journey.


Sharika Mahdi’s captivating artwork will be displayed at EK Gallery through March 22nd, with pieces available for purchase.


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