Watching my pops work three jobs taught me a lesson. Either you can use your energy to cry about it, or you can use your energy to make something happen. I always choose option two.” –Blakk Gawd

Blakk Gawd is the supreme example of being an independent artist. With just using Google, watching “how to” videos on YouTube, and running promotional ads on Facebook and Instagram, Blakk Gawd was able to build him a following on Spotify of 4,000 followers with a total of 75,000 monthly listeners. Rapping since the age of 10, Blakk learned that to be successful with his music he would have to learn more than just how to be a lyricist.

“As an independent artist you have to invest in yourself. Most artists pay for companies to do all their marketing and whatever else they don’t want to do. Not me. I want to know it all and I am willing to do it all. Why pay someone for something I can do myself?”

Artists like Nipsey Hussle, Jcole, and Wale taught Blakk Gawd how to be himself when telling his story with metaphors and similes. Blakk created songs like, “To the Fullest”, “Dear Blak People”, and “Lord Forgive Me” all from his home studio. His latest track “Fressh Fressh” featuring PrettyMF has made it to almost nearly 65,000 streams on Spotify alone. The official video for “Fressh Fressh” has 350,000 plus views on Instagram.

“All I want people to understand is there is no room for excuses, yea it’s going to be hard, but it’s going to be worth it in the end. To see how far I have come doing the majority of the work myself, I am proud of the results.”

Blakk Gawd created C7. The motto for this Gawd family/organization is “If it ain't C7, then what is it?”

“Christ is Official, C7official. The “C” stands for Christ, the “7” stands for the seven days God took to make the world. If you put them together it makes a “G” which stands for “God”. We were made in his image, so we too are gawds. When I say “If it ain't C7, then what is it?” it means if it isn’t about God then what is there really to talk about? Once one understand that we are supreme, you look at life the way a Gawd is supposed to look at life”

Blakk Gawd was also able to build himself a fan base by being presented on mixtapes like “Who’s Dropping Game vol. 8” hosted by Gillie the King and “Eastside Raps vol. 5” hosted by Dave East. Working alongside Australian producer Vix bangz, Blakk currently has two independent albums out “Loki” and “Blakk Bianchi” and with multiple singles out he is currently working on his third independent album “Blakk Bianchi II”. With his self-starting mindset and go-getting attitude, Blakk will soon have the whole world’s attention. To find out more about Blakk Gawd, visit or follow him on Instagram @c7_BlakkGawd.

To watch “Fressh Fressh” video click the link below

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