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Los Angeles, June 5, 2024 - Producers of the new documentary “NORITA” announced today that Academy Award® winning actress and esteemed activist, Jane Fonda, has joined the team of Executive Producers behind the highly anticipated documentary directed by Jayson McNamara and Andrea Tortonese about the life of the compelling and inspiring Argentinian activist and feminist icon Norita Cortiñas who recently passed away this past Friday May 31, 2024, at the age of 94.

From Australian Director/Producer Jayson McNamara (“Messenger On A White Horse”), Argentinian Director and Animator Andrea Tortonese and Producers Sarah Schoellkopf (“Ferguson Rises”) of DoctoraStories, Francisco Villa, and Melissa Daniels (“Venus As A Boy”) of Tidetivity Studios comes the insightful and compelling documentary chronicling the life of the indomitable Norita Cortiñas, as she transforms her grief into unwavering activism, sparking a movement that changes Argentina forever.

Jane Fonda, known not only for her legendary film and tv career but also for her unwavering commitment to social and political causes, has long been a champion of human rights and activism. Her involvement adds an extra layer of prestige and resonance to an already remarkable project.

“It is an honor to have Jane’s support and backing,” states director Jayson McNamara. “As a respected artist across generations, she is the ideal person to be bringing light to the story of an activist such as Norita.”

"As the world grapples with human rights and social justice, 'NORITA' serves as a timely reminder that together we can make an extraordinary difference,” adds Director Tortonese. “Today, more than ever, we need stories like Norita's to light our path forward.”

“NORITA” takes viewers on a gripping journey through Argentina's tumultuous history, where Norita's personal tragedy becomes a catalyst for change. As a mother seeking justice for her disappeared son during the dark days of Argentina's dictatorship, her unwavering determination and fearless activism led her to co-found the renowned Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, a pivotal human rights organization.

The film chronicles her journey to seek justice for the past while inspiring the next generation of women’s rights activists. Norita has been held up as a symbol by the women’s movement, dating back to the 1980s, and is seen as a fundamental fixture in the movement’s success during Argentina’s 2020 vote to legalize abortion.

The film includes original music by a collective of Argentinian composers, led by two-time Oscar® winner Gustavo Santaolalla, who has been a close friend of Nora’s over many years.

“What inspired me to write the music for the film was not just her transformation but also the love that seems to underpin everything she does,” says Santaolalla, who won Best Original Score two years in a row for his compositions for Brokeback Mountain and Babel.  He is joined by Argentinian collaborators Juan Luqui, Paco Cabral and Matías Tozzola.

In addition to Fonda, “NORITA” boasts an esteemed line-up of Executive Producers, including Gustavo Santaolalla; award-winning journalists/activists Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis; award-winning producer Barbara Muschietti; Hollywood director Andy Muschietti; and philanthropist John Flynn.

“What happened in Argentina can happen anywhere,” says Barbara Muschietti. “We need these stories of everyday people doing big things to remind us of what humanity is capable of. “NORITA” is a film that will reaffirm why my country’s dictatorship brings lessons for all of us, everywhere, especially today.”

Directors McNamara and Tortonese have collaborated on the project since 2014 in Buenos Aires, embedding themselves in Norita’s story. The film includes rare footage of Norita during Argentina’s women’s movement and striking archival footage from her five decades of activism. The film’s aesthetic also includes animation sequences by director/animator Tortonese.

Emerging US based studios DoctoraStories and Tidetivity Studios are bringing stories of fearless female-lead activism to US and world audiences longing for examples of nuanced strength and determination in difficult political landscapes.

As the world continues to grapple with issues of human rights, social justice, and the power of collective action, Norita Cortiñas' story is an inspiration to activists, mothers, and anyone who believes in the pursuit of justice.

“NORITA” will have its world premiere in June at the Dances With Films Film Festival in Los Angeles at the TCL Chinese theater.


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