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DIGITAL / VOD RELEASE - FEBRUARY 1, 2022 Available on all major digital/VOD platforms including: Amazon, Apple TV, Google Play, Kino Now, Vudu, and The Criterion Channel (starting February 8th)

Zeitgeist Films and Kino Lorber are delighted to present Blerta Basholli's Sundance triple award-winner HIVE, a searing drama based on the true story of Fahrije Hoti (Yllka Gashi), who, like many of the other women in her patriarchal village, has lived with fading hope and burgeoning grief since her husband went missing during the war in Kosovo. In order to provide for her struggling family, she pulls the other widows in her community together to launch a business selling ajvar (roasted red pepper spread). Together, they find healing and solace in considering a future without their husbands—but will to begin living independently is met with hostility.

The men in the village condemn Fahrije’s efforts to empower herself and the women around her, starting a feud that threatens their newfound sovereignty—and the financial future of Fahrije’s family. Against the backdrop of Eastern Europe’s civil unrest and lingering misogyny, Fahrije and the women of her village join in a struggle to find hope in the face of an uncertain future. HIVE is a pithy, engrossing portrait of loss and our uphill journeys to freedom.

The debut feature film by Basholli, HIVE is Kosovo’s official selection for Best International Feature Film, Kosovo’s eighth official entry, and was recently included on the International Feature Film shortlist for the 94th Academy Awards®. (Full list here.)

"An engrossing, utterly classic tale of overcoming adversity." - The Hollywood Reporter "Stirring, infuriating, and ultimately hopeful." - Vox "An outstanding debut feature that successfully immerses the viewer in an expertly told and moving tale." - Screen International "Hive" seizes and holds your interest simply through the drama created by sympathetic characters trying to surmount awful, unfair hurdles. Mostly, though, what holds you rapt is Gashi’s powerful, physically grounded performance, which lyrically articulates her taciturn character’s inner workings." -The New York Times "Inspiring and deeply affecting, the movie is a wonderful showcase of human resilience and female empowerment, both timely and timeless." - Hammer to Nail "A thoughtful, humanistic exploration of the fortitude needed to summon hope in a time and place resigned to hopelessness." - The A.V. Club "HIVE is a beautiful film which tells the touching and inspiring story of Fahrije Hoti and the women of Krusha. This story of struggle and perseverance is one that needed to be told. It speaks to the soul of the Kosovan experience and I hope it can help with the collective healing of families who were separated and people who lost their loved ones." - Dua Lipa

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