New TV Series to Focus on Five People Living with Mental Health Issues

Award-winning director Charles Mattocks has teamed up with Dr. Denise McDermott to produce Eight Days, a groundbreaking new television concept following the lives of five people living with Mental Health issues. The first reality TV series of its kind, Eight Days is a look at mental health from a patient, caregiver and treatment standpoint. A continuation of Mattocks’ diabetes docu-series Reversed and Eight Days season one that examined the lives of five diverse individuals living with different stages of cancer, and the experts who guide them on their healing journey. Eight Days takes a deep dive into mental health.

“It’s a show unlike anything that’s been seen before, many around the world are dealing with mental health issues at record numbers, and with Covid-19, it has thrown people into a serious state of despair. The series will follow five people living with various stages of mental health issues and help break the stigma, as well as open eyes on what mental health is and what it is not,” says Charles Mattocks.

Through raw storytelling and an investigative format, Eight Days Mental Health aims to educate viewers and raise awareness for the almost 50 million living with this condition. From treatments, workplace, PTSD, minority mental health issues, to coping in a worldwide pandemic. With millions undiagnosed, and many needing inspiration and awareness, the show’s relevant content and revolutionary delivery has the power and potential to affect millions of lives. The show will have a number of well-known advocates and experts that will make an appearance, such as female boxing superstar Mia St. John, Jarnel Stokes, former NBA star and advocate who will serve as a producer, Antonio Tarver the former boxing superstar will also make a guest appearance, Karl Shallow horn will serve as house mentor and many other well-known surprise guests. Dr. Denise will serve as lead Doctor,working hand in hand with experts and the five guests. For more information, visit the Eight Days official website.

About Charles MattocksCharles Mattocks has an amazing career inspired by his uncle, the late reggae legend, BobMarley. He is an award-winning film producer and TV executive, as well as an internationaldiabetes advocate, IDF Blue Circle Champion, and American Diabetes Association publishedauthor. Charles has made many appearances on major talk shows around the country fromCNN, Dr. Oz, The Today Show and more. As a best-selling author and advocate, Charles wason the road to becoming a household name until he received his own personal diagnosis ofType II diabetes. After such devastating news Charles started a global mission for not onlyhis life, but also for the millions struggling with diabetes.Eight Days was born out of a desire to help, embarking on season two (rebranding theshow from Reversed to Eight Days) with Hope4Cancer Treatment CentersTM. Charles gaveus an inside look at the disease, cancer. Inspired by the loss of his father from lung cancer,Charles wanted to create a tool to educate and inspire. Now with the focus on mentalhealth, the path of advocacy gives a voice to the unheard. Charles will continue to tellinspiring stories in upcoming seasons on such conditions as HIV, Sickle Cell and manyothers.About Dr. Denise McDermott M.D.Dr. Denise McDermott, M.D. is an award-winning leader, advocate, author and integrativeadult and child psychiatrist with her medical education foundation at Emory University andUCLA.Dr. Denise is passionately influencing and changing the way we think, talk and act aboutmental health and addressing stigma head on with her podcast The Dr. Denise Show, inwhich she interviews scholars, mental health advocates, athletes and entertainers and withAscension Media bridging science, spirituality and wellness. Dr. Denise McDermott, M.D. isa medical doctor. Dr. McDermott received the “Outstanding Physician Award” at UCLA.With 20 years as an Integrative Adult and Child Psychiatrist she empowers her patientsand their families to live their best life.

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