Los Angeles's Rising Star Adrienne Monroe

Adrienne Monroe was born in Los Angeles, Ca on St Patrick's day March 17th 1990. She was born and raised in the poverty stricken area of South Central LA not far from the Watts Towers in Watts, Ca. She developed her passion for performing arts the first time she performed was as sojourner truth for a black history program in the 2nd grade. She would from than go on to perform in school talent shows throughout elementary, middle school and high school. While in junior high her teacher Mr. white who was a music producer outside of teaching made a deal to pay her $20 for every song she would write which fueled her drive to write music and by the time she was in high school attending Carson high school in Carson, Ca she was negotiating a record deal with Dallas Austin owner of peach tree records in Atlanta, Ga when she became pregnant at the age of 16 and was unable to move forward with her deal feeling like her dreams was so far from her new reality she dropped out of high school and started working at a local fish market in Carson, Ca until she gave birth to a baby boy named Michael and her new family would become her biggest priority but before her sons 1st birthday his father was incarcerated and sentenced to 15 years in state prison leaving her to care for her child as a single mother before she could turn 18 this was a very hard time for her but the worst was yet to come on the day she attended a childhood friends baby shower unaware that there was a beef between two local gangs and the rival gang would unexpectedly do a drive by on the baby shower leaving her son Michael who was 2 yrs old at the time shot in the crossfire fortunately he survived and the bullet was removed successfully through surgery this was very devastating for her and she knew she had to do something to make a better life for her and her son she went on to attended Compton college nursing program which she graduated and went on to work in the nursing field doing in home care for cancer patients and working at st. Francis medical center in Lynwood, ca. She worked as a nurse for years it paid the bills but she never lost her passion for music or creating throughout the years she made money on the side by doing hair and makeup which was another passion of hers she than went to Cosmetology school where she graduated and received her license from there she went on to open a hair salon in the valley known as pretty me up beauty bar where she catered to celebrity clientele and working on set with different artist awakened her passion to get back into the music inodustry and start creating she's been in the studio with artist such as Nas, Wiz Kalifa, Snoop Dogg, Nipsey Hustle and her ex boyfriend Jazze pha just to name a few. Her other inspirations include Mary J Blige, Bob Marley, R kelly, Beres Hammond, Nadine Sutherland, Drake, Lady Saw, Jackie O, Queen Latifa, YoYo, Patra, Arrested Development, Jodeci, Tony Toni tone, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, D' Angelo, Angie Stone, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Ice Cube, Eazy E and many more. She is very cultured and developed a big love for reggae music at a early age which you will hear in her music including her new single "Miss The Way" which is one of many songs she's written and performed this song in particular is about women empowerment it focuses on a independent woman finally having enough strength to walk away from a unhealthy relationship knowing that she gave her all and in the end he would be the one to regret losing her and he would miss the way she loved him unconditionally he would try to destroy her and her dreams but she prevailed and walked away with her head high and confident knowing that she would find true love again. Adrienne has a lot of knowledge and strength she would like to share with women of all ages "It's important that we women stick together and support each other, working as a hairstylist and running my business I heard so many stories, so many women sat in my chair and vented and I want to be their voice and I am confident that I will get the message across nothing is more important to me than strengthening the women of this world, encouraging them to believe in themselves, embrace and love themselves no matter what, follow your dreams and follow your heart, stop worrying about t people think about you, you are unique in your own way and some people may never understand and that's ok, you are beautiful, you are sexy and you are amazing! I've touched my clients in the nursing field, I've touched my clients while running my beauty business and now I want to reach the people through music and that means everything to me." She is currently working on new projects in the studio, collaborating with different artist, performing, writing and building a name for herself within the music industry for booking info contact Lugga at Wikid entertainment 9018498792 you can follow her Instagram @officialadriennemonroe

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