If your seeking a Healthy alternative to Hair-regrowth using great tasting "Digestible and Topical" products, I am your HAIR REGROWTH SPECIALIST! @nikkistarrdust addicted to Hair bleaching, middle age brought stress, along with the kids, the dead end job, while living paycheck to paycheck. The blood pressure, mood medications and cost of doctor's visits just aren't the solution for me. The blood pressure medications deplete my potassium, while the mood medications bring fatigue and the side effects always seem to read "could cause Hair-loss". "While I am in no way making any medical claims", I found a solution that is Healthy, All Natural, and Herbal, while being the only digestible Hair regrowth products in the Hair care industry.

Regrowing my hair using digestible as well as topical hair regrow products has changed my life mentally and physically!

Facebook: Shesparklesnflow IG: nikkistarrdust/shesparklesnflow

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