(ATLANTA) - January 9, 2018 - Bounce, Grit, Escape and Laff each racked up significant viewership increases across all dayparts and enjoyed their most-watched calendar years ever in 2017. Bounce Bounce delivered its highest-rated and fourth consecutive year of growth in both Primetime and Total Day in 2017. Prime delivery increases over 2016 included +10% in Households, +6% in Persons 25-54, +9% in P18+ and +3% in P2+. Bounce was up +14% in HHs, +2% in P18-49, +7% in P25-54, +12 % in P18+ and +7 in P2+ in Total Day.

Original series were among Bounce's most-watched programming last year led by the popular drama Saints & Sinners (Reaching 7.3 million viewers 2+) which returns for season three this April and the original sitcoms Family Time (5.4 million), Grown Folks (nearly 5 million) and In The Cut (4.7 million). Bounce finished the year as the fastest-growing African-American network on television, outpacing BET, TV1 and OWN in growth among Households, P2+ and P18+ in Primetime and in HHs, P25-54, P2+ and P18+ in Total Day.

Grit Grit increased both Prime and Total Day viewership for the second consecutive year in 2017. Grit posted primetime gains over 2016 of +9% in HHs, +5% in P18+ and +3% in both P2+ and Men 2+. The gains were even stronger in Total Day as Grit garnered double-digit increases in HHs (+22%), P18+ (+17%), P2+ (+14%) & M2+ (+15%). Grit saw movie airings begin to reach over half a million Persons 2+(The Sons of Katie Elder) and weekend programming festivals reach nearly three million unique viewers P2+ (Lethal Weapon and sequels marathon.)

Escape Escape also posted Prime and Total Day viewership increases for the second consecutive year since becoming rated. Escape delivered double-digit gains in prime of +13% in HHs, +12% in Women 2+ and +10% in P2+. Escape also delivered double-digit gains in HHs (+15%), W2+ (+16%) and P2+ (+13%) in Total Day. Escape had over half a dozen true crime show marathons reach two million viewers 2+ including those featuring American Greed, Forensic Files and It Takes a Killer.

Laff Laff racked up strong double-digit Primetime increases in HHs (+60%), P18-49 (+85%), P25-54 (+79%), P18+ (+56%), P2+ (+58%), Women 2+ (+71%) and W18+ (+70%) vs. 2016.Laff's Total Day increases over 2016 were equally impressive, including +64% in HHs, +87% in P18-49, +83% in P25-54, +63% in P18+ and +64% in P2+.

The fourth quarter of 2017 was Laff's ninthconsecutive quarter of Primetime growth in Households and the network's highest-rated quarter to-date in HHs, P18-49, P25-54, P18+ and P2+. 

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