The Relaunch of The Iconic Candle Brand illuminations in Beverly Hills, CA

ICONIC CANDLE BRAND, ILLUMINATIONS, FINALLY ON SALE  IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAY SEASON The Beloved Cranberry Orange, Still a Top Search on Google, Is Making a Comeback 

After 13 years at the top of the retailing game nationwide, the candle brand Illuminations doused its flame in 2009 after the decline of traditional retailing via the American financial crisis. A decade later, the cherished brand with an enduring fan and collector-base has been reignited, and debuted on on September 19th, 2019. The kickoff begins with many of the brand’s most loved fragrances and a few new ones just in time for the Q4 gift-giving season. The 10-ounce candles are all-natural coconut and apricot wax with 100% cotton wicks and feature the finest-quality fragrances. Housed in frosted glass vessels and gift boxed, they retail for $29.95 each. To kick off the return of Illuminations, CEO Mitch Davis will host the top home, decor and lifestyle influencers in New York City (October 15) and Los Angeles (October 29). “With U.S. sales of candle products estimated at $3.14B annually, it’s clear candles are en vogue with people of all ages enjoying them and giving them as gifts,” said Davis. “Candles were once a source of light for a home, but today they are also fragrance-driven mood-setters. Even luxury brands from Jo Malone to Gucci and Louis Vuitton to Dior are getting into the market. This inspired me to bring this incredible brand back to the forefront. As a former customer, I really missed Illuminations, as did the many fans and collectors furiously stockpiling and selling product on EBay and in private social media groups.” An entrepreneur from the music industry, Davis is bringing Illuminations back to life with immense respect and the intention to maintain the impeccable integrity and quality of the original brand. With the expert help of former Illuminations innovator, Pamela Donnellan, great care is being taken to bring back many beloved, classic Illuminations candle fragrances and introduce exciting new brand-worthy scents. Inspired by the belief that exposure to modern electronics is on overload, Davis notes: “natural light provides a calming mechanism needed in our homes and places of comfort so we can rebound with creativity and so much more. Self-care is an important trend and candles are something that younger generations are craving for their sacred space.” The company is teeing up new candle designs in the Signature line, which includes classic and new fragrances: Cranberry Orange, Gardenia, Giverny, Indonesian Patchouli Cedarwood, Lavender Fields, Meyer Lemon, Napa Valley Harvest, Pomegranate Cassis, Pumpkin Spice, Rose, Vanilla Spice and Wild Woodlands. About: Illuminations is a premium candle brand, reignited online from its former iteration as a candle and home décor retailer, with an intention to provide respite from modern electronic overload. The new Illuminations is an entrepreneurial ode brought to life by a music industry executive who believes that a calming, candle-filled environment is key to unlocking our most fulfilling selves. Debuting in September 2019, the line remerges with a classic fragrance lineup and promises a fun bill of some very iconic launches for Q1 and beyo

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